It is through
trust and vulnerability that we are able to reconnect the fragile pieces of ourselves, and I find it easier to trust someone with whom I can play
I work to help couples, families, children and individuals connect with their inner perfection. I do not believe that we enter the world flawed. I do believe that we enter the world unique. Together let's honor all of the hidden parts of you. I believe that we all have parts that are quirky, playful, meditative, and irreverent. I believe that this will help you to reach a peace with yourself that can be lasting, hopeful, and exuberant.Our culture is one in which putting down and teasing are considered fun and funny. I think the line between teasing and hurting is very small, and that people often hurt each other accidentally. I want to help you to cherish yourself enough to silence your inner bullies and the outer voices of unkindness. 

  Let's find your joy! 

Nyssa Hoerner, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 
As email cannot be guaranteed private, please ONLY email me to let me know how I can get in touch with you quickly.


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