It is my belief that positive relationships grow through laughter, play, and dedication, so these tools are incorporated into the therapeutic process.

It's hard to be a human, and it's even harder to be responsible for another human. I work with children and families to help make parenting fun again and to create a home environment where everyone feels that they can be safe being themselves. 

I work with couples to help them to learn to communicate with each other in a way that is open, honest and equal. I want to help you and your partner laugh and feel connected to each other as independent adults. I have a 4 week play course for couples to help get the fun and communication back into your relationship. Check out the Upcoming Groups page for more information.

Childhood is a tricky time because your brain is soaking up so many new things and as a kid you have very little control of the environment. Sometimes this is overwhelming and a little extra help is needed. I work with children and their families to figure out how to make childhood more safe, calm, and fun. I have experience working with children with ADHD, sensory integration difficulties, physical disabilities and dietary limitations.

If you are interested in making some changes in your life and you think  I can help please call me at 505-795-9112.

Some things that you should know about confidentiality in therapy: 

Your privacy is very important to me. I will not share your information with anyone unless you request that I do. Should you request that I share your information I will require that you sign a release of information form before I share any information. However, there are a few limitations to confidentiality that you should be aware of before embarking on counseling with any therapist. 

Should I become aware of a crime that has been committed I have to report it to the police. 

Should I become aware of the abuse or possible abuse of a child, elderly person or disabled person, I have to report it. 

Should you share information with me that leads me to believe that you intend to harm yourself or others I have to report it. 

Should I receive a court order for your information I will have to send it. In this event I will inform you that your information is being shared. 

Supervised by: Bill Woodburn, MEd, LPC, LMFT

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